Ellen Sieminski

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  • 1. What made you want to get into engineering? And specifically, your specialization?
    I loved math and science in high school, and I’m pretty sure it was my parents who, based on that, suggested I consider engineering. I liked the emphasis on both process improvement and on the people side of things that the Industrial and Operations Engineering program provided, and ended up majoring in that.

  • 2. What advice would you give freshly graduated engineers?
    Join an organization related to your field of study (i.e., Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society for Manufacturing Engineers, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, etc.). Become active in it – volunteer with the organization – don’t just settle for being a member.  Meet as many people as you can – network, network, network – and be open to learning from everyone.  You never know when you’ll want to reach out to one of your contacts for mentoring, coaching, or even assistance with a job search.

  • 3. What has been a project that you have worked on that you are proud of or that has been most interesting to you?
    Any time I’ve worked with people who understand that the projects I’m helping them with or the training I’m providing to them is intended to help make their life easier, I’m happy.

  • 4. What is your favorite part about your job? Why?
    I love that no two days are the same, and no two projects are the same. At Littelfuse, I’ve had the chance to interact with and learn from so many talented associates in different departments and business units all around the globe. It’s inspiring to see a group come together to solve a problem, and after a few hours or a few days, walk away knowing that they have helped improve a process that will have a major impact on the business.