Luis Guerrero

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  • 1. What made you want to get into engineering?
    I see myself as a creative person; Engineering has given me the path to follow to project and make this become true. Engineering is for me, those actions that, together transform imagination into real products. And specifically, your specialization? I’m in the process of getting deeper in the Design engineering side and it is very satisfying to finally be part of this great team. I don’t have a specialization yet, but I’m sure it will come shortly.

  • 2. What advice would you give to new engineers at Littelfuse?
    Enjoy this company. Littelfuse is a great company with many opportunities organizationally and for personal growth. The efforts made for Littelfuse are very well rewarded sooner or later. Besides that, being open minded, having a learning mind and being a team worker is always helpful.

  • 3. What has been a project that you have worked on that you are proud of or that has been most interesting to you?
    I’m enjoying my current project more than any other. This is my first product development project. It is about a new Mega family. I’m liking it because I’m learning many new things and working with many people around the world.

  • 4. What is your favorite part about your job?
    Making drawings.

    Because it is the summary of a complete investigation, testing, negotiations and knowledge, communicated to the person who is going to fabricate our product.