Current Transformers

pdf icon CT200 Datasheet

The CT200 series is a current transformer used with Littelfuse relays to detect earth-leakage or phase current.

dwg CT200 CAD Drawing

dwg CT200-CT200L Drawing

pdf icon TN CT-03 Locating Phase Conductors in a Zero-CT Window

An ideal window-type current transformer responds only to the sum of the currents fl owing through its window...

pdf icon TN CT-04 Hammond CTs

pdf icon TN CT-06 CT Turns Ratio Modification

A window-type current transformer is also referred to as a core-balance or fl ux-balance transformer...

pdf icon TN CT-08 Ground-Fault Current Transformer Location

A ground fault on a grounded system can be detected using a current-sensitive ground-fault monitor...

pdf icon TN CT-09 Sensitive Ground-Fault Protection Using Split-Core CTs

A zero-sequence CT is optimized by using a symmetrical core and windings that are evenly spaced around the core. The symmetry allows the CT to operate in the presence of high load currents...

pdf icon TN CT-10 CT and PT Polarity Testing

Correct operation of MPS and FPS relays depends on accurate polarity. Markings on current transformers (CT) and potential transformers (PT) have been occasionally misapplied from the factory...

pdf icon TN CT-11 FPL Zero-Sequence Sensors with Littelfuse Relays

pdf icon EFCT Datasheet

The EFCT series is a sensitive nickel-core current transformer used with Littelfuse relays to detect low levels of earth-leakage current.

pdf icon CT Selection Guide

The Current Transformer (CT) Selection Guide provides assistance in selecting the appropriate CT for each protection relay.

EFCT-1 STP 3D Model

EFCT-2 STP 3D Model

EFCT-26 STP 3D Model

pdf icon SE-CS10 Datasheet

dwg Littelfuse Protection Relays SE-CS10-X Dimensions

dwg Littelfuse Protection Relays SE-cs10r13 CAD Drawing

pdf icon SE-CS30 Datasheet

pdf icon SE-CS30 26 Drawing

CS30-4 3D Model