46377-8 - AFB Series

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AcceptsATC and ATO fuses and circuit breakers. Fuse/breaker contacts are recessed for safety. Recessed area in the center of the block accepts a label. Ratings: 25A maximum per circuit at 12V to 24V DC.
150A maximum total for the block at 12V DC.
For 24V applications, use only ATC or ATO fuses. Black thermoplastic block.
Blade terminals are 0.25" wide (6.4mm).
Stud terminal is 10-32 with hexnut, flat washer and lockwasher.
Four 0.218" diameter (5.5mm) mounting holes take #10 screws. Size 3.375"W x 0.812"H x 3.09"L (85.7 x 20.6 x 78.5mm). Mounting holes 1.06" (27.0mm) on centers, widthwise.

46377-6 shown. Appearance of other part numbers will vary.