DCNEVT500-B - DCNEVT500 Series

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High current and high voltage DC contactor relays for electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, circuit protection, battery switch disconnect, and main transfer switch. The Coil Economizer greatly reduces coil power and heating after the contactor is energized. Once the contactor is energized, it takes minimal coil power to keep the contacts closed due to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) reducing the average power delivered by pulsing the electrical signal. Utilizes polarized contacts for optimum performance amidst polarized electrical loads.


  • Battery Electric Vehicles 
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
  • Material Handling
  • Electric Maintenance and Transport Vehicles
  • Industrial Applications

Features and Benefits 

  • High current (500A) and high voltage (1800V) contactor for EV applications 
  • Dual Coil Enonomizer greatly reduces coil power and heating 
  • Hermetically sealed contact chamber to protect all moving parts 
  • Optional auxiliary contacts available 
  • 360KW power switch capable 

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