SPF Series - 1000 VDC Solar String Fuse

SPF Solar Fuse
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The SPF Solar Protection Fuse series has been specifically designed for the protection of photovoltaic (PV) systems. This family of Midget style fuses (10x38 mm) can safely protect PV (photovoltaic) modules and conductors from reverse overcurrent conditions.

As PV systems have grown in size, so have the corresponding voltage requirements. This increase in system voltage has typically been intended to minimize power loss associated with long conductor runs. Standard circuit protection devices are not designed to completely protect photovoltaic panels. However, the SPF series is UL Listed to safely interrupt faulted circuits up to this demanding voltage level.

Littelfuse offers 14 ampere ratings to match specific requirements in a variety of applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets UL and IEC photovoltaic standards
  • UL 248-19 Listed 1000 V dc maximum
  • 1–30 A ratings available
  • 20,000 A Interrupting Rating - 1 A - 20 A 1-20
  • 50,000 A Interrupting Rating - 25 A - 30 A
  • Both PCB mount and dead-front holder options available
  • Meets IEC 60269-6 electrical performance requirements


  • Inverters
  • Combiner boxes
  • Battery charge controllers

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VDC (V)Interrupting RatingOpeningSizeStockSamplesCompare
SPF0011100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF001R1100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF001S1100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF0022100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF002R2100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF002S2100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF0033100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF003R3100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF003S3100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF0044100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF004R4100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF004S4100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF0055100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF005R5100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF005S5100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF0066100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF006R6100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF006S6100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF0088100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF008R8100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF008S8100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF01010100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF010R10100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF010S10100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF01212100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF012R12100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF012S12100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF01515100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF015R15100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF015S15100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF02020100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF020R20100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF020S20100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF02525100050000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF025R25100050000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF025S25100050000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF03.5100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF03.5R100020000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF03.5S100020000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF03030100050000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder
SPF030R30100050000Fast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
SPF030S30100050000Fast-Acting (F)MidgetCheckOrder

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