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Littelfuse products are not designed for, and shall not be used for, any purpose (including, without limitation, automotive, military, aerospace, medical, life-saving, life-sustaining or nuclear facility applications, devices intended for surgical implant into the body, or any other application in which the failure or lack of desired operation of the product may result in personal injury, death, or property damage) other than those expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse product documentation. Warranties granted by Littelfuse shall be deemed void for products used for any purpose not expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. Littelfuse shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of products used in applications not expressly intended by Littelfuse as set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. The sale and use of Littelfuse products is subject to Littelfuse Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless otherwise agreed by Littelfuse. "Littelfuse" includes Littelfuse, Inc., and all of its affiliate entities.

Littelfuse brings you a world-leading class of ultra fast and ultra soft recovery diode available from -1.7kV to 6.5kV in current ratings from 270A to 4200A. These diodes incorporate a unique manufacturing process and lifetime control to offer a class leading trade-off between conduction and switching losses. The wide safe operating area (SOA) makes them ideal as freewheeling diodes for snubberless IGBT and IGCT applications or any application which requires a fast, low loss diode. For example, traction, medium voltage drives, induction heating and pulsed power applications.

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Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VRRM [Diode] (V)IFAV @ Tk=55 ℃ (A)IFSM 10ms Half Sine Wave (A)I2t [Diode] (A2s)IRM (A)trr,typ (µs)Qrr (µC)StatusTJ Max (°C)Package TypeV0 (V)rS (mOhm)RthJK 180° Sine Wave (K/W)Part DatasheetCompare
E0280YH25C2500350233027.1 x 1033801.30500150W31.4102.6000.0730 
E0460QC45E45005336800231 x 1034601.15685140W682.2462.7160.0274Part
E0660NC45E45007609160420 x 1037001.101050140W52.1941.8140.0200Part
E0660NH45E45007609160420 x 1037001.101050140W472.1941.8140.0200 
E0800QC25C250096010700575 x 1037201.601420150W681.4100.8390.0290Part
E1200NC25C2500133813300884 x 1036504.002000150W51.3050.6780.0200Part
E1200NH25C2500133813300884 x 1036504.002000150W471.3050.6780.0200 
E1250HC45E45001355205002.11 x 10610001.201850140W1222.0721.1660.0105Part
E1500MC33E33001580173301.5 x 10613801.852040140W541.5090.4640.0162Part
E1500NC36P36001280170501.45 x 10614252.802750140W51.4170.6560.0190 
E1500NC42P42001280170501.45 x 10614252.802750140W51.4170.6560.0190 
E1500NC48P48001280170501.45 x 10614252.802750140W51.4170.6560.0190 
E1500NH36P36001280170501.45 x 10614252.802750140W471.4170.6560.0190 
E1500NH42P42001280170501.45 x 10614252.802750140W471.4170.6560.0190 
E1500NH48P48001280170501.45 x 10614252.802750140W471.4170.6560.0190Part
E1780TG65E65001780256003.29 x 10617501.223500140W1252.0210.9830.0077Part
E1800TC45E45002215290504.22 x 10614901.152800140W282.1710.6340.0068Part
E2250VF25C25002425252003.17 x 10616501.903700Not for New Designs150W431.5100.2500.0130Part
E2400EC45E45002490321005.15 x 10621301.223900140W1112.1140.6460.0056Part
E3000EC45E450034104570010.5 x 10630501.255000140W1112.1240.3390.0050Part
E4000FD45E450042105480015.0 x 10636501.55750140W592.1170.3510.0035Part
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