Soft Recovery - Stud Type Series - Soft Recovery Fast Diode (SRFD)

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Our soft recovery diodes are available with a range of reverse recovery characteristics tailored to meet the requirements of both freewheeling and snubber applications. These devices are available with blocking voltages up to 6kV and average currents up to 2413A. They contain 24mm to 75mm diameter silicon slices. These parts are particularly suitable where soft recovery is required, such as RCD snubbers, voltage clamping and snubberless applications.

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Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #TJ Max (°C)Package TypeVRRM [Diode] (V)IFSM 10ms Half Sine Wave (A)I2t [Diode] (A2s)trr,typ (µs)Qrr (µC)V0 (V)rS (mOhm)RthJC 180° Sine Wave (K/W)IFAV @ Tc=55 ℃ (A)Part DatasheetCompare
M0130RL200125W202000224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130Part
M0130RL250125W202500224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130Part
M0130RM200125W212000224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130 
M0130RM250125W212500224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130 
M0130SL200125W202000224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130Part
M0130SL250125W202500224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130Part
M0130SM200125W212000224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130 
M0130SM250125W212500224025.0 x 10³2.64301.291.540.3130 
M0139RL120125W201200245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0139RL180125W201800245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0139RM120125W211200245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0139RM180125W211800245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0139SL120125W201200245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0139SL180125W201800245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0139SM120125W211200245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0139SM180125W211800245030.0 x 10³11251.241.280.3139Part
M0268RC200125W242000425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0268RC250125W242500425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0268RJ200125W222000425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0268RJ250125W222500425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0268SC200125W242000425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0268SC250125W242500425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0268SJ200125W222000425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0268SJ250125W222500425090.3 x 10³2.83001.211.20.13268Part
M0280RC200125W2420004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0280RC250125W2425004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0280RJ200125W2220004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0280RJ250125W2225004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0280SC200125W2420004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0280SC250125W2425004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0280SJ200125W2220004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0280SJ250125W2225004500100 x 10³2.86101.280.920.13280Part
M0334RC120125W2412004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334 
M0334RC200125W2420004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334Part
M0334RJ120125W2212004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334 
M0334RJ200125W2220004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334Part
M0334SC120125W2412004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334 
M0334SC200125W2420004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334Part
M0334SJ120125W2212004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334 
M0334SJ200125W2220004500101 x 10³3.516010.740.13334Part
M0336RA120125W2312004500101 x 10³31401.020.70.13336Part
M0336RA140125W2314004500101 x 10³31401.020.70.13336Part
M0336SA120125W2312004500101 x 10³31401.020.70.13336Part
M0336SA140125W2314004500101 x 10³31401.020.70.13336Part
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