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The C044BG400 IGBT Gate Driver is a low power consumption driver with on board VCE desaturation detection for high reliability application. The driver features a fiber-optic communication interface for drive, status and switching feedback signals. A fully supervised DC/DC converter with EMI filtering, low coupling capacitance and high partial discharge level is integrated into the board. The high voltage collector sense and gate interface are implemented on a separate card to allow close coupling to the IGBT. A range of pre-configured boards is available to complement the Littelfuse range of press-pack IGBTs – other applications on request.

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Catalog #Use With DevicePackage TypePart DatasheetPartner ECAD ModelsCompare
C0044BG400SBET0510VB45EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBE
C0044BG400SBGT0800EB45GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBG
C0044BG400SBJT1600GB45GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBJ
C0044BG400SBLT0240NB45EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBL
C0044BG400SBMT0600TB45AGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBM
C0044BG400SBNT0800TB45EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBN
C0044BG400SBPT0900EB45AGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBP
C0044BG400SBQT0340VB45GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBQ
C0044BG400SBRT1200EB45EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBR
C0044BG400SBST1800GB45AGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBS
C0044BG400SBTT2400GB45EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBT
C0044BG400SBWT2960BB45EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBW
C0044BG400SBZT2000BB45GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SBZ
C0044BG400SCAT0840NC17EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCA
C0044BG400SCBT0600NC17AGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCB
C0044BG400SCCT0960VC17GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCC
C0044BG400SCDT1440VC17EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCD
C0044BG400SCET1680TC17GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCE
C0044BG400SCFT0140QC33GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCF
C0044BG400SCGT0285NC33EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCG
C0044BG400SCHT0425VC33GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCH
C0044BG400SCJT0640VC33EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCJ
C0044BG400SCKT0710TC33AGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCK
C0044BG400SCLT1000TC33EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCL
C0044BG400SCMT1000EC33GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCM
C0044BG400SCNT1500EC33EGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCN
C0044BG400SCRT0115QC45GGate Drive UnitPartC0044BG400SCR
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