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The Littelfuse "P“ series of fast switching thyristors have a regenerative gate structure to ensure low switching losses and high di/dt performance. "P“ series devices are suitable for existing inverter, DC chopper drives, UPS and Pulse Power applications. In addition to pressure contact technology these devices offer low reverse recovery charge values, low forward switching losses and high reliability. These devices are not recommended for new designs. A new addition for 2017-18 is an M24 stud based assembly, with a current rating of 472A, voltage ratings up to 1600V and tq starting at 25µs.

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Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VRRM-VDRM (V)ITAV @ Tc=55 ℃ (A)ITSM 10ms Half Sine Wave (A)I2t [Thy] (A2s)Tq (μs)Qrr (µC)Package TypeV0 (V)rS (mOhm)RthJC 180° Sine Wave (K/W)Part DatasheetPartner ECAD ModelsCompare
P0128SH10C1000128170019 x 10³1550W171.62.490.23Part
P0128SH10D1000128170019 x 10³2050W171.62.490.23Part
P0128SH10E1000128170019 x 10³2550W171.62.490.23Part
P0128SH12C1200128170019 x 10³1550W171.62.490.23Part
P0128SH12D1200128170019 x 10³2050W171.62.490.23Part
P0128SH12E1200128170019 x 10³2550W171.62.490.23Part
P0128SJ10C1000128170019 x 10³1550W161.62.490.23Part
P0128SJ10D1000128170019 x 10³2050W161.62.490.23Part
P0128SJ10E1000128170019 x 10³2550W161.62.490.23Part
P0128SJ12C1200128170019 x 10³1550W161.62.490.23Part
P0128SJ12D1200128170019 x 10³2050W161.62.490.23Part
P0128SJ12E1200128170019 x 10³2550W161.62.490.23Part
P0248SC12D1200248270036.5 x 10³2045W181.61.230.12Part
P0248SC12E1200248270036.5 x 10³2545W181.61.230.12Part
P0273SC12D1200273325052.8 x 10³2080W181.550.870.12 
P0273SC12E1200273325052.8 x 10³2580W181.550.870.12 
P0273SC12F1200273325052.8 x 10³3080W181.550.870.12 
P0306SC08A8003064700110 x 10³1050W181.40.670.12 
P0306SC08B8003064700110 x 10³1250W181.40.670.12 
P0306SC08C8003064700110 x 10³1550W181.40.670.12 
P0311SC12E1200311360064.8 x 10³2555W181.170.920.12 
P0311SC12F1200311360064.8 x 10³3055W181.170.920.12 
P0330SC04A4003305000125 x 10³1055W181.050.880.12Part
P0330SC04C4003305000125 x 10³1555W181.050.880.12Part
P0330SC06A6003305000125 x 10³1055W181.050.880.12Part
P0330SC06C6003305000125 x 10³1555W181.050.880.12Part
P0330SC08A8003305000125 x 10³1055W181.050.880.12Part
P0330SC08C8003305000125 x 10³1555W181.050.880.12Part
P0431SC04B4004316500211 x 10³12190W180.950.3770.12Part
P0431SC04C4004316500211 x 10³15190W180.950.3770.12Part
P0431SC06B6004316500211 x 10³12190W180.950.3770.12Part
P0431SC06C6004316500211 x 10³15190W180.950.3770.12Part
R0472YC12EKER1200240400080 x 10³25155W1151.6481.1250.1249 R0472YC12EKER
R0472YC12FKER1200240400080 x 10³30155W1151.6481.1250.1249 R0472YC12FKER
R0472YC16EKER1600240400080 x 10³25155W1151.6481.1250.1249 R0472YC16EKER
R0472YC16FKER1600240400080 x 10³30155W1151.6481.1250.1249 R0472YC16FKER
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