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Gate Turn Off Thyristor Capsule Type
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Littelfuse products are not designed for, and shall not be used for, any purpose (including, without limitation, automotive, military, aerospace, medical, life-saving, life-sustaining or nuclear facility applications, devices intended for surgical implant into the body, or any other application in which the failure or lack of desired operation of the product may result in personal injury, death, or property damage) other than those expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse product documentation. Warranties granted by Littelfuse shall be deemed void for products used for any purpose not expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. Littelfuse shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of products used in applications not expressly intended by Littelfuse as set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. The sale and use of Littelfuse products is subject to Littelfuse Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless otherwise agreed by Littelfuse. "Littelfuse" includes Littelfuse, Inc., and all of its affiliate entities.

Littelfuse offers a broad range of high specification devices with voltage ratings to 4.5kV (2.8kV DC link) and controllable current ratings of up to 4kA are available to meet the toughest demands in applications such as traction propulsion and auxiliaries, AC industrial drives, FACT‘s and active VAr controllers. Offering both symmetrical devices for applications with a reverse blocking requirement e.g. current sourced inverters and asymmetric blocking devices for applications where no reverse blocking requirement exists e.g. voltage sourced inverters. Gate Turn-off Thyristors are still the component of choice when it comes to very high power converters and we remain totally commited to this technology for the foreseeable future with an active program for continued product improvement.

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Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VDRM (V)VRRM (V)ITGQ (A)CsITAV @ Tk=55 ℃ (A)ITSM 10ms Half Sine Wave k(A)I2t [thy] (kA2s)TJ Max (°C)Package Typetgt (μs)tgq (µs)On-state Voltage Drop VT (V)RthJK 180° Sine Wave (K/W)Part DatasheetCompare
G1000NC45B45001810002.05458.00320 × 103125W363.5154.00.0270Part
G1000QC25B25001810001.06158.00320 x 103125W352.8132.500.0380Part
G1000QC45B45001810001.04436.50211 x 103125W353.0144.000.0380Part
G2000HF25025001820004.0103016.001.28 x 106125W853.0252.800.0220Part
G2000HF45045001820004.089013.70938 x 103125W854.0253.500.0220Part
G2500HF25025001825006.0108516.001.28 x 106125W853.0253.100.0200Part
G3000TF25025001830005.0169030.004.5 x 106125W863.5262.500.0120Part
G3000TF45045001830006.0138124.002.88 x 106125W864.0224.000.0120Part
G4000EF25025001840006.0200532.005.12 x 106125W1044.5283.000.0110Part
G4000EF45045001840006.0148026.003.38 x 106125W1044.0304.400.0110Part
H0500KC200200020005001.02803.0045 x 103125W342.053.200.0650Part
H0500KC20Y20001005001.02803.0045 x 103125W342.053.200.0650Part
H0500KC25D250020005001.02803.0045 x 103125W342.053.200.0650Part
H0500KC25Y25001005001.02803.0045 x 103125W342.053.200.0650Part
H0700KC140140014007001.53604.0080 x 103125W343.052.80.0630Part
H0700KC14Y14001007001.53604.0080 x 103125W343.052.80.0630Part
H0700KC17D170014007001.53604.0080 x 103125W343.052.80.0630Part
H0700KC17Y17001007001.53604.0080 x 103125W343.052.80.0630Part
H1200NC2002000200012003.067010.50550 x 103125W363.0123.300.0270 
H1200NC20Y200010012003.067010.50550 x 103125W363.0123.300.0270 
H1200NC25D2500200012003.067010.50550 x 103125W363.0123.300.0270Part
H1200NC25Y250010012003.067010.50550 x 103125W363.0123.300.0270Part
S0500KC200200020005001.03304.0080 x 103125W343.5102.500.0650Part
S0500KC20Y20001005001.03304.0080 x 103125W343.5102.500.0650Part
S0500KC25D250020005001.03304.0080 x 103125W343.5102.500.0650Part
S0500KC25Y25001005001.03304.0080 x 103125W343.5102.500.0650Part
S0500YC20Y20001005001.02754.0080 x 103125W933.5102.500.0870Part
S0500YC25Y25001005001.02754.0080 x 103125W933.5102.500.0870Part
S0700KC140140014007001.54305.00125 x 103125W343.0102.200.0630Part
S0700KC14Y14001007001.54305.00125 x 103125W343.0102.200.0630Part
S0700KC17D170014007001.54305.00125 x 103125W343.0102.200.0630Part
S0700KC17Y17001007001.54305.00125 x 103125W343.0102.200.0630Part
S1200NC2002000200012003.079013.00840 x 103125W364.5192.700.0270 
S1200NC20Y200010012003.079013.00840 x 103125W364.5192.700.0270 
S1200NC25D2500200012003.079013.00840 x 103125W364.5192.700.0270Part
S1200NC25Y250010012003.079013.00840 x 103125W364.5192.700.0270Part
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