Z0109MNT1G - Z01xxMN Series

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The Z01xxMN series - Z0103MNT1G, Z0107MNT1G, Z0109MNT1G - of sensitive gate triacs is intended for use in solid-state relays, MPU interfaces, TTL logic and other light industrial and consumer applications


  • Sensitive Gate triggering in all four quadrants (triggering modes)
  • Blocking voltage up to 600V
  • Glass Passivated Design
  • Surface Mount Package
  • Pb-Free Package
  • This sensitive gate triac is a part of family Z0103MN, Z0107MN, and Z0109MN


  • Flexibility for design of Applications
  • Provides for extended range of both industrial and consumer Applications
  • Enhanced reliability and uniformity
  • Suitable for automated manufacturing
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Flexibility for different sensitivity and noise Applications immunity


  • Z01xxMN-series triacs are intended for use in solid-state relays, MPU interfaces and other light industrial or consumer Applications