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A range of Westack & Westack Lite Assembly modules can either incorporate single or dual devices and allow the building of:

  • Single phase diode and thyristor bridges
  • Three phase diode and thyristor bridges
  • Six phase diode and thyristor bridges

Custom built assembly can be provided when a standard solution is not available. Cooling for each module section is provided by the use of a low noise 115/230 V ac fan which is protected against overloading by an integral thermal cut-out.

Surge suppression and fusing provides reliable and safe operation. Surge suppression (protecting the devices from voltage transients) and high speed fuses (to protect against short circuit) are available.

All plastic components are UL recognized and meet the requirements of the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC covering the restricted use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

For additional technical details, please contact support.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #IDC,FA@25CIDC,FA@35CIDC,FA@45CITSM (A)I2t [Diode] (A2s)I2t [Thy] (A2s)DimensionsPackage TypeMass (kg)Device Type and QuantityHeat Sink TypeCompare
SXB11987HEX11987114011080422.5 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 660W8405ZC (6)B(2x180)
SXB1265FB126511611054296004.38 x 10⁶382 mmWestack 120N1802NC (4)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB1375B1375130312301.9 x 10⁶382 mmWestack 120W2058LC (4)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB1645FB164515081367370006.85 x 10⁶382 mmWestack 240N2500VC (4)B(2x180)
SXB1764FG176416221475296004.38 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 330N1802NC (6)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB1920G1920182217211.9 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 330W2058LC (6)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB2096B2096198718745.45 x 10⁶382 mmWestack 120W3270NC (4)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB2167FB2167198117906400020.5 x 10⁶382 mmWestack 240N4085ZC (4)B(2x180)
SXB2324FG232421351939370006.85 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 460N2500VC (6)B(2x180)
SXB2939G2939278826345.45 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 330W3270NC (6)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB3120FG3120285725866400020.5 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 460N4085ZC (6)B(2x180)
SXB3442B34423277310913.5 x 10⁶382 mmWestack 240W5696VC (4)B(2x180)
SXB3529HEXT352932442949296004.38 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 530N1802LC (6)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB3840HEX3840364434421.9 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 530W2058LC (6)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB4264B42644051383522.5 x 10⁶382 mmWestack 240W8405ZC (4)B(2x180)
SXB4649HEXT464942703878370006.85 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 660N2500VC (6)B(2x180)
SXB4869G48694640440713.5 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 460W5696VC (6)B(2x180)
SXB5877HEX5877557652685.45 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 530W3270NC (6)B(2x83.1x180)
SXB5993G59935701540222.5 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 460W8405ZC (6)B(2x180)
SXB6240HEXT6240571451736400020.5 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 660N4085ZC (6)B(2x180)
SXB9737HEX97379281881313.5 x 10⁶548 mmWestack 660W5696VC (6)B(2x180)
SXC1076FB1076988897191001.82 x 10⁶330 mmWestackLITE 220N1806QK (4)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC1195FR11951098997191001.82 x 10⁶168 mmWestackLITE 110N1806QK (2)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC1318FB131812131104324005.25 x 10⁶330 mmWestackLITE 220N2367MK (4)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC1464FR146413481227324005.25 x 10⁶168 mmWestackLITE 110N2367MK (2)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC1517FG151713961270191001.82 x 10⁶492 mmWestackLITE 330N1806QK (6)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC1609FB1609147313325090012.95 x 10⁶330 mmWestackLITE 220N3904HK (4)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC1788FR1788163614805090012.95 x 10⁶168 mmWestackLITE 110N3904HK (2)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC1871FG187117251573324005.25 x 10⁶492 mmWestackLITE 330N2367MK (6)(2x150. 1x330)
SXC2319FG2319212519265090012.95 x 10⁶492 mmWestackLITE 330N3904HK (6)(2x150. 1x330)
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