NGR1081 - NGR Series

Series: NGR
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Neutral Grounding Resistor Canada
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High-resistance grounding prevents many of the problems that are associated with ungrounded and solidly grounded electrical distribution and utilization systems. High-resistance grounding can limit point-of-fault damage, eliminate transient overvoltages, reduce the arc-flash hazards, limit voltage exposure to personnel, and provide adequate tripping levels for selective current-based ground-fault detection and coordination. The Littelfuse Neutral Grounding Resistor System is a neutral grounding resistor (NGR), current transformer, and sensing resistor installed in a NEMA 3R enclosure used to high-resistance ground transformers and generators. The NGR system is designed for use with Littelfuse Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitors for complete system grounding and grounding protection. The NGR series – Canada systems are specifically designed for use in Canadian applications.



High-resistance grounding is applied on transformers and generators where safety and continuity of service are important. A faulted feeder may remain in operation until it is safe to repair the fault, where allowed by the local electrical code.

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
CT secondary current Amps 1
Input Voltage (V) 4160
Input Current Range (A) 25
Input Impedance (Ohms) 96.2
Response Time (ms) Continuous
Sense Resistance (Ohms) ER-5WP
Mounting Method Floor Mount
built in CTs No
Frequency 60
NEMA Rating 3R; Weather Protected Sensing Resistor
Check Stock Yes
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