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Series: SE-330
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The SE-330 is an advanced ground-fault and neutral-grounding resistor monitoring relay that is compliant with Rule 10-302 of the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code). It measures neutral current, neutral-to-ground voltage, and neutral-to-ground resistance. It provides continuous monitoring of the neutral-to-ground path to verify that the neutral-grounding resistor (NGR) is intact and that it has not been bypassed or shorted. An open NGR renders current sensing ground-fault protection inoperative and could result in a false belief that the system is functioning properly. A shorted NGR results in higher-than-expected ground-fault current. A unique LED flashing code provides external confirmation for plant safety teams and inspectors when standards-compliant protection has been configured and is active.

The SE-330 can be used with low- and medium-voltage transformers and generators with low- or high-resistance grounding used in processing, manufacturing, chemical, pulp and paper, petroleum, and water-treatment facilities. For applications above 35 kV, use the SE-330HV. For applications that require conformance to Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2081, use the SE-330AU.

Complete setup of the SE-330 requires connection to a PC running SE-MON330 v4.10 or higher.

For applications where existing switchgear is inaccessible or where a separate control panel is desirable, the SE-330 is also available within a NEMA 4X enclosure. The NGRM-ENC Series is available various options, including a surface-mounted or door-mounted SE-330, to fit the specific customer application.

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Analog Output Current mA 4 - 20
Communications USB; Ethernet (RJ45 and SC Fiber)
Relay Contacts Config 2 Form A; 2 Form C
Supply Voltage ac 65 - 265
Supply Voltage dc 85 - 275
New Rev Avail Now
Old Rev Avail No longer available
IEEE Device Numbers 50G - 50N - 51G - 51N - 59N - 86
Relay Contacts Operation Fail-safe / Non Fail-safe
Dimensions 8.4 H x 3.9 W x 5.8 D in.
Weight (lbs/g) 0 Kg
Auto Manual Reset Latching; Autoreset
Conformally coated Standard
Frequency 50; 60; ASD
GF Trip Level Range pct 2 - 100% of CT-Primary Rating
GF Trip Time s 0.1 - 10.1
Harmonic Filtering Standard (DFT)
Reset Type Front-panel switch/Remote N.O. Contact
RF Trip Level V 20 - 2000 (systems up to 5 kV); 100 - 10000 (systems over 5 kV)
RF Trip Time s 12
System type Resistance Grounded AC
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