SPD2 1P+0 Series - Class II/Type 2/Type 1 CA Pluggable Single-Pole

Series: SPD2 1P+0
Littelfuse Surge Protection Devices
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Surge protection devices (SPDs) provide equipment protection from transient overvoltage events lasting micro-seconds. By limiting the overvoltage to the equipment during these events, costly damage and downtime can be mitigated. The surge protection devices for the 1+0 configuration are available for 60 V to 600 V nominal voltage sub-distribution board applications.

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Catalog #Maximium continuous voltageNominal DischargeMaximum DischargeApprovalsInput
Voltage (V)
Short Circuit (kA)Response
Weight (lbs/g)Thermal ProtectionCommsTouchsafeVoltage Protection LevelTOV WithstandVoltage Protection RatingStockCompare
SPD2-075-1P0-R75 V ac20 kA50 kACE cRUus IEC60 V acIsolated SPDT100 kA< 25 ns124 g (0.274 lb)YesNoYes800 V114 V330 VCheck
SPD2-150-1P0-R150 V ac20 kA50 kACE cRUus IEC120 V acIsolated SPDT200 kA< 25 ns128 g (0.283 lb)YesNoYes1250 V229 V600 VCheck
SPD2-300-1P0-R300 V ac20 kA50 kACE cRUus IEC240 V acIsolated SPDT150 kA< 25 ns135 g (0.298 lb)YesNoYes1500 V337 V900 VCheck
SPD2-350-1P0-R350 V ac20 kA50 kACE cRUus IEC277 V acIsolated SPDT200 kA< 25 ns140 g (0.309 lb)YesNoYes1750 V403 V1000 VCheck
SPD2-480-1P0-R480 V ac20 kA50 kACE cRUus IEC400 V acIsolated SPDT200 kA< 25 ns145 g (0.320 lb)YesNoYes2300 V581 V1500 VCheck
SPD2-550-1P0-R550 V ac20 kA50 kAcRUus480 V acIsolated SPDT200 kA< 25 ns148 g (0.326 lb)YesNoYes2500 V697 V2000 VCheck
SPD2-750-1P0-R750 V ac20 kA35 kACE cRUus IEC600 V acIsolated SPDT200 kA< 25 ns161 g (0.355 lb)YesNoYes3400 V871 V2500 VCheck