SPD2 4P+0 Series - Class II/Type 2/Type 1 CA Pluggable Multi-Pole

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Surge protection devices (SPDs) provide equipment protection from transient overvoltage events lasting micro-seconds. By limiting the overvoltage to the equipment during these events, costly damage and downtime can be mitigated. The surge protection devices for the 4+0 configuration are available for 120 V to 480 V nominal voltage sub-distribution board applications.

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Catalog #Input
Voltage (V)
Short Circuit (kA)Weight (lbs/g)Thermal ProtectionCommunicationsTouchsafeVoltage Protection LevelVoltage Protection RatingNumber of PolesNeutralStockCompare
SPD2-150-4P0-R120Isolated SPDT2000 KgYesNoYes12506004NoCheck
SPD2-300-4P0-R240Isolated SPDT1500 KgYesNoYes15009004NoCheck
SPD2-350-4P0-R277Isolated SPDT2000 KgYesNoYes175010004NoCheck
SPD2-480-4P0-R400Isolated SPDT2000 KgYesNoYes230015004NoCheck
SPD2-550-4P0-R480Isolated SPDT2000 KgYesNoYes250020004NoCheck

SPD2 3P+1, 4P+0 3D Model STP

pdf icon SPD Type 2 Cross Reference Guide

pdf icon SPD2 Surge Protection Device Catalog

pdf icon SPD2 Surge Protection Devices FAQs & Definitions

pdf icon SPD2 Surge Protection Device Flyer

pdf icon SPD2 Surge Protection Device Flyer - Mandarin

Document AC/DC Power SPD Guideform Specification

pdf icon Surge Protection Device Sizing for Industrial Control Panel Design

Panel design is an art. A well-designed panel strikes a balance of form, function, and cost. Find out more by downloading our application guide.

pdf icon Surge Protection Devices for Solar Applications

Lightning’s perfect storm for destruction is on the solar field. Solar panels’ large—and often exposed and isolated—location make surge protection critical for it to last its designated lifespan. Find out more by downloading our application guide.

pdf icon 光伏系统浪涌保护 应 (Surge Protection Devices for Solar Applications)

太阳能场会出现具有破坏性的纯粹雷电风 暴。太阳能电池板占地面积大,且通常处于 裸露和独立位置,因此,浪涌保护对于维持 其使用寿命至关重要。

pdf icon SPD2 4 0 Series Datasheet

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