5V DIN Plunger Switches Series - 5V DIN Plunger Switches

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The mechanical switches signal many different situations that may occur on commercial vehiches: power takeoff signal light, Idle and reverse gear signal light, Inserted fifth gear signal light, etc. Available are versions with contacts normally open and contacts normally closed, DIN 72585-1 and DIN 72585-2, 4-pole connector.

  • Some models can work even with tension at 5V
  • DIN 72585-1 and DIN 72585-2 connector
  • Silver-plated or Gold-plated contacts
  • The superseal connector is protected with a plastic cap to prevent dirt intrusion before mounting
  • Plunger switches have a standard working temperature between -25°C and +80° C. Extended working temperature allows performance between -40°C and *100°C, but 100% guaranteed functionality resumes in the -25°C and +80° C range.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VoltageLoad (Watt)Normally Open/Normally ClosedContact MaterialConnectorHex SizeCompare
007201005V3 WattNO
GoldDIN 72585-127
007202005V2x 21 Watt LampNC2 Silver
2 Gold
DIN 72585-127
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
5V3 WattNOGoldDIN 72585-127
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