Mechanical Plunger Switches Series - 12-24V Superseal Mechanical Plunger Switches

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The mechanical switches signal many different situations that may occur on commercial vehiches: differential block, low gears brake failure, reduced gears, handbrake failure, etc. Mechanical switches work both with 12V and with 24V; available are versions with contacts normally open or contacts normally closed, and black seal connector IP 67/CEI EN 60529.

  • All the mechanical switches work both with 12V and with 24V
  • Black seal connector IP 67/CEI EN 60529.
  • Some versions are suitable for use under pressure conditions
  • Silver plated contacts
  • The superseal connector is protected with a rubber cap to prevent dirt intrusion before mounting
  • Maximum life of 125,000 cycles at 3W Ohmic Load
  • Plunger switches have a standard working temperature between -25°C and +80° C. Extended working temperature allows performance between -40°C and *100°C, but 100% guaranteed functionality resumes in the -25°C and +80° C range.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Voltage Rating MaxCircuitryInput TerminalsConnectorHousingContact MaterialSamplesCompare
0071140024Normally Open27 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
0071170024Normally Open22 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
0071180024Normally Closed22 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
0071220024Normally Closed22 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
0071300024Normally Open22 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
0071310024Normally Closed22 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
0071320024Normally Closed22 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
Obsolete: 2020 -01-17
24Normally Open22 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2020 -01-17
24Normally Open22 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2018 -11-16
24Normally Open22 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2018 -11-16
24Normally Closed22 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2018 -11-16
24Normally Open27 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2020 -01-17
24Normally Open22 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2020 -01-17
24Normally Closed27 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2018 -11-16
24Normally Closed27 HexSupersealSteelSilver
Obsolete: 2017 -04-17
24Normally Closed27 HexSupersealSteelSilverOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s) IPC-Material Declaration
00711400 Plunger Switch 2P- N.O. RoHS No 01/10/2021 PbFree No 01/10/2021 CoC_RoHS9_00711400 REACH209_Declaration_Contain-_00711400 Yes
00711800 Plunger Switch 2P- N.C. RoHS No 09/19/2019 PbFree No 09/19/2019 CoC_RoHS9_00711800 REACH201_Declaration_with_Pb_00711800 Yes
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