Foot-Operated Switches Series - Momentary Switches for Headlights, Dimmers and Turn Signals

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Headlamp Dimmer Switches

SPDT On-On Depress-release for low beam, depress-release for high beam. Corrosion-resistant diecast metal housings, moisture-repellent insulators. Through-floorboard mounting and On-floorboard mounting available.

Turn Switches

Depress to On, spring return to Off. Two switches are needed for left and right turn signals. Through-floorboard mounting.

Starter Switches

Off-On, Normally Off. Depress to On, spring return to Off.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Package TypeDescriptionCircuitryTerminalsTerminal detailsMountingSealingDetailsCompare
7784Foot-operated headlamp dimmer switchThree screwYesThru floorboard mount
7785-01Foot Operated Sealed Turn SwitchPackard Connector 12015792PVC Sealed - WeatherproofThru-Floorboard Mount / Three 1/4" -20 Tapped Mounting Holes
7785-02BoxFoot-Operated Turn SwitchSPSTTwo Wire Lead (22')Terminated in Packard Connector 12010973Thru-floorboard mountPVC Sealed
7786Foot-operated Headlamp dimmer switchthree screwThru-floorboard mount
7787Foot-operated Headlamp dimmer switch3 screw
7789-02BulkFoot-Operated Headlamp Dimmer SwitchSPDTThree BladeThru-Floor Mount, Two 1/4'-20 HolesNone
7792BulkFoot-Operated SwitchSPSTTwo ScrewThru-Floor Mount, Three 1/4'-20 HolesPVC Sealed
7792-01BulkSignal SwitchSPSTTwo ScrewThree 1/4'-20 HolesNone
9060Foot-Operated Start Switch
9183BulkFoot-Operated SwitchSPSTTwo ScrewTwo 0.281' Diameter HolesNone5/16 -24 with Hex Nuts and Lockwashers
5/16 -24 with Hex Nuts
30155Dimmer Switch Connector
Obsolete: 2018 -09-11
BulkFoot-Operated Headlamp Dimmer SwitchSPDTThree Wire Lead (5.75', 16AWG)Thru-Floor Mount, Three 1/4'-20 HolesHencol Seal #19
Obsolete: 2019 -03-11
BulkFoot-Operated Headlamp Dimmer SwitchSPDTThree BladeTo mate Packard 2984164On-Floor Mount, Two 7.14mm Diameter HolesNone
Obsolete: 2018 -09-11
Foot-operated Headlamp dimmer SwitchThree screw