M-54111-01 - M-54111 Marine Series

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Independent illumination switches can be wired for dependent operation. Tip of handle is illuminated red in the On position, clear in the Off position. Tip of handle is illuminatedRed in the On position, illuminated Clear in the Off position. Silver contacts. 15/32" -32 thread mounting stem. Nickel-plated brass hexnut. Black plastic handle, housing and facenut. Keyway in the down position. Blade terminals. 25A at 12V DC. Plastic facenut can be replaced with black metal facenut 83252.

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Package Type Bulk
Switch type Toggle
Description Marine Toggle Switch, Lighted Tip
Circuitry SPST
Electrical rating 25A/12V DC
Contacts Silver
Housing Black Plastic
Up position On
Center position None
Down position Off
Terminals 4 Blade
Handle material Nickel Plated Brass
Handle type Cylinder/Lighted Tip
Handle size: inches 0.6875
Handle size: mm 17.4625
Mounting hardware Nickel Plated Brass Face Nut
Mounting stem material Nickel Plated Brass
Mounting hole dimension 15/32 (11.90mm) Panel Hole
Min qty 80
Handle Toggle