MLA AUTO Series - Littelfuse MLA Automotive Multi-Layer Varistor (MLV) Series

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The MLA Automotive Series of transient voltage surge suppression devices is based on the Littelfuse Multilayer fabrication technology. These components are designed to suppress a variety of transient events, including those specified in IEC 61000-4-2 or other standards used for Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC).

The MLA Automotive Series is typically applied to protect integrated circuits and other components at the circuit board level. The wide operating voltage and energy range make the MLA Automotive Series suitable for numerous applications on power supply, control and signal lines.

The MLA Automotive Series is manufactured from semiconducting ceramics, and is supplied in a leadless, surface mount package. The MLA Automotive Series is compatible with modern reflow and wave soldering procedures. It can operate over a wider temperature range than Zener diodes, and has a much smaller footprint than plastic-housed components.

  • AEC - Q200 compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Leadless 0603, 0805, 1206 and 1210 chip sizes
  • Multilayer ceramic construction technology
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temp. range
  • Operating voltage range VM(DC) = 3.5V to 48V
  • Rated for surge current (8 x 20µs)
  • Rated for energy (10 x 1000µs)
  • Inherent bi-directional clamping
  • No plastic or epoxy packaging assures better than UL94V-0 flammability rating
  • Standard low capacitance types available
  • Suppression of inductive switching or other transient events such as EFT and surge voltage at the circuit board level
  • ESD protection for IEC 61000-4-2, MIL-STD-883c method 3015.7, and other industry specifications
  • Provides on-board transient voltage protection for ICS and transistors
  • Used to help achieve electromagnetic compliance of end products
  • Replaces larger surface mount TVS Zeners in many applications

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #LinesILMaxItm1xMSLCo Typ
V12MLA0805LNHAUTO1100404100805 (2012)2991218.5140.1CheckOrder
V14MLA0603NHAUTO1100301800603 (1608)34.5101421.515.90.1CheckOrder
V14MLA0805LNHAUTO1100403200805 (2012)32101420.315.90.1CheckOrder
V14MLA0805NHAUTO11001205600805 (2012)32101420.315.90.3CheckOrder
V14MLA1206NHAUTO110015012001206 (3216)32101420.315.90.4CheckOrder
V18MLA0603NHAUTO1100301200603 (1608)50141828220.1CheckOrder
V18MLA0805LNHAUTO1100402900805 (2012)44141828220.1CheckOrder
V18MLA0805NHAUTO11001205200805 (2012)44141828220.3CheckOrder
V18MLA1206NHAUTO110015012701206 (3216)44141828220.4CheckOrder
V18MLA1210NHAUTO110050029301210 (3225)44141828222.5CheckOrder
V26MLA0603NHAUTO1100301100603 (1608)60202638310.1CheckOrder
V26MLA0805LNHAUTO1100401900805 (2012)60202638.529.50.1CheckOrder
V26MLA0805NHAUTO11001002200805 (2012)60202638.529.50.3CheckOrder
V26MLA1206NHAUTO11001507201206 (3216)60202638.529.50.6CheckOrder
V26MLA1210NHAUTO110030014801210 (3225)60202638.529.51.2CheckOrder
V3.5MLA0603NHAUTO11003012700603 (1608)132.53.573.70.1CheckOrder
V3.5MLA0805LNHAUTO11004013800805 (2012)132.53.573.70.1CheckOrder
V3.5MLA0805NHAUTO11001201760805 (2012)132.53.573.70.3CheckOrder
V3.5MLA1206NHAUTO110010075001206 (3216)132.53.573.70.3CheckOrder
V30MLA0603NHAUTO110030900603 (1608)74253046370.1CheckOrder
V30MLA0805LNHAUTO1100301300805 (2012)72253046370.1CheckOrder
V30MLA1206NHAUTO11001505501206 (3216)67302543350.7CheckOrder
V30MLA1210LNHAUTO11002206001210 (3225)68253043350.9CheckOrder
V30MLA1210NHAUTO11002809001210 (3225)68253043351.2CheckOrder
V33MLA1206NHAUTO11001805001206 (3216)75263349380.8CheckOrder
V42MLA1206NHAUTO11001804251206 (3216)92304260460.8CheckOrder
V48MLA1206NHAUTO11001803501206 (3216)100404866.554.50.9CheckOrder
V48MLA1210LNHAUTO11002203801210 (3225)105404866.554.50.9CheckOrder
V48MLA1210NHAUTO11002504001210 (3225)105404866.554.51.2CheckOrder
V5.5MLA0603NHAUTO1100309600603 (1608)17.5459.37.10.1CheckOrder
V5.5MLA0805LNHAUTO1100406600805 (2012)17.5449.37.10.1CheckOrder
V5.5MLA0805NHAUTO110012018400805 (2012)17.5459.37.10.3CheckOrder
V5.5MLA1206NHAUTO110015035001206 (3216)17.5459.37.10.4CheckOrder
V9MLA0603NHAUTO1100304900603 (1608)25.56.5916110.1CheckOrder
V9MLA0805LNHAUTO1100405200805 (2012)25.56.5916110.1CheckOrder

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