Single Pole Master Disconnect

Single Pole Master Disconnect

75920 Protects vehicles against tampering, theft and battery drain. Protects from hazards during vehicle servicing,and can be locked-out or tagged-out. Provides an effective emergency power cutoff.

High amperage capacity: 300A at 12V DC. Can be used in both positive or in negative path applications. Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 (immersible). Switch can be located in the best location, regardless of environment. Composite engineered polymer housing will not rust or corrode. Tested per SAE 1455 for salt corrosion. Large red knob is easy to operate with gloved hands; 90º switch travel makes it easy to identify the switch position. Built-in lockout satisfies OSHA requirements for an energy isolation device. Attractive styling suitable for visible mounting close to operator. Large divider on base prevents accidental shorting of high energy cables. Fits standard Master Disconnect mounting pattern. Knob is secured in place with a set screw.




  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 85°C.
  • Ingress protection rating: IP67.
  • Corrosion test: 96 hours salt spray test to ASTM standard.
  • Vibration test: 10-500Hz to SAE J1455.
  • Shock test: To SAE J1455.
  • Torque, Battery terminals: 5/16" – 24, 70-90 in-lbs (8-10Nm).
  • Torque, Mounting hardware: 3/4" - 16, 18 ft-lbs max (24.4Nm).
  • Operating voltage: 6V min, 36V max.
  • Continuous current: 300A max at 12V, 250A max at 24V, 200A max at 36V.
  • Intermittent current: 1000A at 12V,  90 sec on, 5 min off; 1500A at 12V,  60 sec on, 5 min off;  2000A at 12V, 30 sec on, 5 min off;  3000A at 12V, 15 sec on, 5 min off.


Single Pole Master Disconnect Switches