Motor and Feeder Protection
SE-Comm-RIS v4.2
This program gives remote access to metering, control, data logging, and programming features on the MPS, MPU-32, FPS, and the FPU-32. Set points can be accessed individually or downloaded as a file. Metered data can be observed on a single screen. Logged data can be downloaded and saved on a computer. Protective curves can be plotted. Version 3.6 (or higher) is required for use with the FPS Feeder Protection System.
SE-COMM16 v1.54a
The SE-COMM16 communications software enables the user to communicate with the MPU-16A, FPU-16, and LP2000, and includes the Allen Bradley DF1 and Modbus RTU protocols. This version also includes support for data logging.
SE-Plot functionality is now included in SE-Comm-RIS.
Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor
SE-MON330 v4.0
This software is used to receive data from SE-330, SE-330AU, and SE-330HV Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitors. It will display the relay's set points as well as measured values. The software features data logging of information at a selectable interval. SE-MON330 includes the NGR Monitor Set-Point Assistant, which provides set-point recommendations for the SE-325, SE-330, SE-330AU, and SE-330HV Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitors. Version 2.2 (or higher) provides the ability to view a 10-event data log on SE-330 units with firmware version 10 or newer.
Trailing Cable Protection
This program is used to receive data from an SE-145 Ground-Fault Ground-Check Monitor.
Temperature Monitoring
This program is used to communicate with up to 63 SIO-RTD modules. It can be used to configure inputs on SIO-RTD modules as either 4-20mA or one of several RTD types. The data collected can be exported. The software has an autostart feature so that the program will restart when the computer reboots. SE-Comm-RTD now includes plotting for up to eight input signals.

Littelfuse Startco SE-Flash Firmware Upgrade Software
Download SE-Flash v2.1
SE-Flash is used to update the firmware in the EL731, MPU-32, FPU-32, MPS and SE-330, and for the communications module in the MPU-16A and FPU-16. An RS-232-to-RS-485 converter is required for FPS and MPS updates; a CA-945 adapter may be required for FPU-32 and MPU-32 updates; an AC700-CUA-00 Firmware Upgrade Module is required for the EL731; and a 9-pin serial cable is required for SE-330 firmware updates. For many PC’s, a USB-to-RS-232 adapter will also be needed.

EL731 Flash Update Instructions
MPS FPS Flash-Update Instructions
MPU-32 FPU-32 Flash-Update Instructions
SE-330 Flash Update Instructions