Switch Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams

SP & DP Switches with 6 Terminal Locations

Diagrams represent both momentary contact or maintained contact switches.

Switches without Pilot Lights


Two terminals.

SPDT On-Off-On

Three terminals.



Four terminals.


Six terminals.

DPDT On-Off-On

Six terminals.


Switches with One Pilot Light

SPST Off-On, Dependent

Dependent illumination. Three terminals.

SPST Off-On, Independent

Independent illumination. Four terminals.To convert an independent switch into dependent, connect a jumper wire from terminal 3 to terminal 6, and connect terminal 4 to ground.

Switches with Two Pilot Lights

SPST Off-On, Dependent & Independent

Four terminals.

SPDT On-Off-On, or On-On, Dependent

Four terminals.

SPDT On-Off-On, or On-On, Independent

Four terminals.

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