PAN Antenna

Circuit Protection of Antenna - PAN type

Design Notes:

Protection Application:
The real-time data signals carried by the antenna operate at radio frequency levels. As an example, Bluetooth operates at 2.4 GHz. Due to the high frequency nature of these signals, the capacitance of the suppressor must be taken into account to avoid signal attenuation. The electrical threat will be ESD.
Solution Description:
As shown at the left, a single PulseGuard suppressor is used to protect the antenna element.
Companion Solutions:
For space-constrained applications, an 0402 version is currently available.
Regulatory Issues:
The IEC 61000-4-2 will be the most appropriate standard that applies for this circuit. It supplies a test method for verifying that the end product is not susceptible to ESD events.
Unique Features:
Does not apply.
Application Warnings:
Does not apply.



  • PGB1010603

    Lead-Free 0603 Surface Mount Polymeric ESD Suppressors