5-Pin Protectors

Primary & 5-Pin Protectors

Design Notes:

Protection Application:
Littelfuse offers a range of primary protection solution components. Shown in the figure is a P3203ACMC SIDACtor® device equipped with an external TOM and a pair of 600R150 PTC’s.
Solution Description:
Some applications do not require OCP. In those OVP-only applications, the "in" terminals are shorted to their respective "out" terminal. Other OVP element options include a P6002ACMC SIDACtor® device with a TOM or a 3-element SL1021B500RS GDT with an integral TOM.
Companion Solutions:
This solution is designed to comply with Telcordia’s GR-974 requirements.
Regulatory Issues:
Littelfuse has a proven TOM design for our modified TO-220 "A-Pack" SIDACtor® devices.
Unique Features:
Application Warnings:



  • 600R150

    600V PolySwitch® Lead-Free Radial Leaded Resettable PPTC for Telecom Protection