Reversing Water Pump Control

Control Triac for Reversing Water Pump

Design Notes:

Protection Application:
Control Triac are turned on alternatively as on / off control the induction motor. The delay angle by the capacitor is controlled by the alternatively turn on of the triacs, hence the rotor turns in counter clock wise and clock wise direction respectively.
Solution Description:
Alternistors are used to switch AC currents through motors, heaters and other loads. Triac selection depends on the line voltage, nominal load current, maximum surge load current and the specific trigger circuit employed. Typical Part number Q6008LH4.
Companion Solutions:
Min /Max Alternistor current rating from 6 to 40A , Voltage rating from 200Volts in a 800 volts
Regulatory Issues:
UL 2157 IEC 60335 -2-7
Unique Features:
The LF method of isolating the tab is state-of-the-art.
Application Warnings:
Do not use non-isolation for grounded heat sinks.



  • Q6008LH4

    8 Amp Sensitive, Standard, & Alternistor (High Commutation) Triacs