CATV in / Satellite in / Terrestrial in

Circuit Protection of CATV/Satellite/Terrestrial Inputs

Design Notes:

Protection Application:
The broadcast signals carried by these various inputs operate in the radio frequency range. The frequencies extend up to 806 MHz for analog TV, 698 MHz for Digital TV, 1,000 MHz for CATV and 2,500 MHz for Satellite transmissions. Due to the high frequency nature of these signals, the capacitance of the suppressor must be taken into account to avoid signal attenuation. The electrical threats will be lightning surges and ESD.
Solution Description:
As shown at the left, a single gas discharge tube is used to protect the input signal line. The specific part number is determined by matching the surge’s peak pulse current value to that of the appropriate GDT.
Companion Solutions:
Does not apply.
Regulatory Issues:
Since this input is susceptible to lightning transients, standards such as UL 1449 and IEC 61000-4-5 should be consulted for test conditions. Typically, the 8x20's waveform is used.
Unique Features:
Does not apply.
Application Warnings:
PulseGuard® suppressors also have very low capacitance values, but should not be used on this input line. The PulseGuard devices are not robust enough to protect against lightning transients; they are specifically designed for ESD protection.



  • SL0902A

    Two Terminal BroadBand Optimized Minitube Gas Plasma Overvoltage Arresters(GDT)