T3/E3/DS3 Ports

Protection of T3 / E3 / DS3 Ports

Design Notes:

Protection Application:
T3 / E3 / DS3 lines are concentrated digital phone lines with bit rates of up to 45 Mbps. The data signals are low voltage (~5V).
Solution Description:
Two options are shown. The top is aGR-1089 Inter-building solution that employs a TeleLink fuse, a SIDACtor and two MURS163T diodes (ON Semiconductor). The lower solution is a GR-1090 Intra-building solution using TeleLink fuse and a SIDACtor.
Companion Solutions:
Other voltage SIDACtor devices are available for specific designs.
Regulatory Issues:
This solution is designed to comply with Telcordia‘s GR-1089.
Unique Features:
Littelfuse is the only vendor offering the low capacitance P0642SA device.
Application Warnings:
Does not apply .