0FHZ0202Z - ZCASE - SMZ Series

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The SMZ stud mount fuse holder allows you to mount fusing directly to a M8 or M10 on applications such as batteries, alternators, battery switches or electrical relays. The SMZ series accepts the Littelfuse proprietary ZCASE® fuse that is available in 40-600A ratings with similar characteristics to the MEGA® fuse. The SMZ stud mount fuse holder is ideal for stacking to create a 2 pole version (see image above) and is secured to a stud using a standard M8 or M10 nut (sold separately). The insulated bolt on the busbar eliminates the traditional need for nylon nuts used on legacy CF8 fuses. The ZCASE fuses can be assembled using a standard M8 flange nut included with each part number.

The SMZ stud mount fuse holder features a compact design which saves space and eliminates the need to wire in a separate fuse holder or power distribution module. Additional circuits are added to the battery circuit directly on top of the ZCASE fuse with wired ring terminals. The fuse holder is available in 4 configurations, each with a red protective cover designed to reduce the risk of accidently contact on the fuse or battery terminal.

Part Number  Mounting Hole Size
Cover Style
901-525 Fuse/Stud Cover 901-524 Fuse Cover
0FHZ0201Z M8 (8.5mm)

0FHZ0202Z M8 (8.5mm)

0FHZ0211Z  M10 (10.5mm)

0FHZ0212Z M10 (10.5mm)


Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Package Type 0FHZ0202Z-BX
Fuse Type ZCASE
Maximium amperage 400
Max voltage rating 80