LSCR Series - Modular Style Semiconductor Fuse Blocks

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Littelfuse LSCR Series is a comprehensive line of modular fuse blocks, designed to accommodate a wide range of High-Speed and UL Power Fuses. These LSCR Series blocks have modular stud type design that enables easy mounting in panel boards. LSCR Series blocks are CE Certified and RoHS Compliant.

Features and Benefits
  • Modular design reduces inventory requirements
  • Sold in pairs for convenience
  • Supplied with nut and belleville washer
  • Constructed of molded phenolic (with plated steel studs) provide greater heat dissapation

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Fuse TypeIndicatingStockSamplesCompare
LSCR001High-Speed Fuses
Class T Fuses
LSCR002High-Speed Fuses
Class T Fuses
LSCR101High-Speed Fuses
Class T Fuses
LSCR102High-Speed Fuses
Class T Fuses
LSCR103High-Speed Fuses
Class T Fuses
Catalog # Certificates
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LSCR001 UL_IZLT2 E14721iconcsa
LSCR002 UL_IZLT2 E14721iconcsa
LSCR101 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon
LSCR102 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon
LSCR103 UL_IZLT2 E14721icon

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