Ultrafast low-side Power MOSFET and IGBT gate driver IC Series - Ultrafast low-side Power MOSFET and IGBT gate driver IC

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  • 1.5A to 30A Peak Source/Sink Drive Current
  • -40°C to +125°C Extended Operating Temperature Range
  • Logic Input Withstands Negative Swing to -5V
  • Low 10µA Supply Current
  • Low Output Impedance

Features & Benefits:

  • Matched rise and fall times
  • Low propagation delay
  • Wide operating voltage range

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Output TypeDrive Current (Apeak)Output Resistance Source / Sink (Ω)Logic ConfigurationsEnable FunctionUnder Voltage Lockout Maximum Threshold (V)Package TypePart DatasheetPartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
IX4310TSINGLE23 / 2N4.25-pin SOT-23PartIX4310TCheckOrder
IX4340DUAL51.5 / 1.1DYes3.88-pin: MSOP, SOIC, SOIC-EPPartIX4340CheckOrder
IX4341DUAL51.5 / 1.1GYes3.8PartOrder
IX4426DUAL1.58 / 4I8-pin: SOIC, DFN (3x3)PartIX4426CheckOrder
IX4427DUAL1.58 / 4N8-pin: SOIC, DFN (3x3)PartIX4427CheckOrder
IX4428DUAL1.58 / 4F8-pin: SOIC, DFN (3x3)PartIX4428CheckOrder
IXD_602DUAL24 / 3I, N, F8-pin: DIP, SOIC, SOIC-EP, DFN (5x4)PartIXD-602CheckOrder
IXD_604DUAL42.5 / 2D, I, N, FYes8-pin: DIP, SOIC, SOIC-EP, DFN (5x4)PartIXD-604CheckOrder
IXD_604_AUDUAL42.5 / 2D, I, N, FYes8-pin: SOIC, SOIC-EPPartIXD-604-AUCheckOrder
IXD_609SINGLE91 / 0.8D, I, NYes8-pin: DIP, SOIC, SOIC-EP, DFN (5x4) 5-pin: TO-220, TO-263PartIXD-609CheckOrder
IXD_609_AUSINGLE91 / 0.8D, I, NYes8-pin SOIC-EPPartIXD-609-AUCheckOrder
IXD_614SINGLE140.8 / 0.6D, I, NYes8-pin: DIP, SOIC-EP 5-pin: TO-220, TO-263PartIXD-614CheckOrder
IXD_614_AUSINGLE140.8 / 0.6D, I, NYes8-pin SOIC-EPPartIXD-614-AUCheckOrder
IXD_630SINGLE300.4 / 0.3D, I, NYes12.55-pin: TO-220, TO-263PartIXD-630CheckOrder
IXD_630MSINGLE300.4 / 0.3D, I, NYes95-pin: TO-220, TO-263PartIXD-630MCheckOrder
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