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These single side cooled square base mounting clamps are suitable for 34 mm to 50 mm pole face devices with clamping force in the range from 1130 Kgf to 2140 Kgf. Suitable for devices with blocking voltages from 400 volts up to 6 KV. Standard part replacements to the obsolete flat based power silicon diodes types: KBN, KBR, KCN, KCR, KDN, KDR. 

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Catalog #VRRM (V)TJ Max (°C)Package TypeKit / Sub-AssemblyBase PolarityIFAV @ Tc=100 ℃ (A)IFSM (kA)I2t [Diode] (A2s)Electrode DiameterV0 (V)rS (mOhm)Compare
W1185LC450KBN4500160WC64YesCathode38010.2520 x 10³10.575
W1185LC450KBR4500160WC64YesAnode43510.2520 x 10³10.575
W1185LC450KCN4500160WC65Cathode39510.2520 x 10³10.575
W1185LC450KCR4500160WC65Anode45510.2520 x 10³10.575
W1411LC360KBN3600160WC64YesCathode44512.2732 x 10³0.90.388
W1411LC360KBR3600160WC64YesAnode50512.2732 x 10³0.90.388
W1411LC360KCN3600160WC65Cathode46012.2732 x 10³0.90.388
W1411LC360KCR3600160WC65Anode53012.2732 x 10³0.90.388
W1524LC300KBN3000160WC64YesCathode47013.4898 x 10³0.870.323
W1524LC300KBR3000160WC64YesAnode54013.4898 x 10³0.870.323
W1524LC300KCN3000160WC65Cathode49013.4898 x 10³0.870.323
W1524LC300KCR3000160WC65Anode56513.4898 x 10³0.870.323
W1748LC220KBN2200175WC64YesCathode58213.5911 x 10³0.870.28
W1748LC220KBR2200175WC64YesAnode66013.5911 x 10³0.870.28
W1748LC220KCN2200175WC65Cathode60013.5911 x 10³0.870.28
W1748LC220KCR2200175WC65Anode69013.5911 x 10³0.870.28
W2058LC120KBN1200175WC64YesCathode66516.11.30 x 10⁶0.790.192
W2058LC120KBR1200175WC64YesAnode76016.11.30 x 10⁶0.790.192
W2058LC120KCN1200175WC65Cathode69016.11.30 x 10⁶0.790.192
W2058LC120KCR1200175WC65Anode80016.11.30 x 10⁶0.790.192
W3082MC450KDN4500160WC66Cathode103026.63.54 x 10⁶0.9230.192
W3082MC450KDR4500160WC66Anode111526.63.54 x 10⁶0.9230.192
W3708MC350KDN3500160WC66Cathode114533.75.68 x 10⁶0.9580.112
W3708MC350KDR3500160WC66Anode124033.75.68 x 10⁶0.9580.112
W3842MC280KDN2800160WC66Cathode122533.55.61 x 10⁶0.8310.118
W3842MC280KDR2800160WC66Anode132533.55.61 x 10⁶0.8310.118
W5636MC150KDN1500175WC66Cathode187543.99.64 x 10⁶0.6980.059
W5636MC150KDR1500175WC66Anode203543.99.64 x 10⁶0.6980.059
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