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To enable the correct cooling of the semiconductor device during operation, we provide a full range of water cooling blocks in both Copper and Aluminium. These have been designed to suit both the correct distribution of force during clamping and also the flows required to cool the devices during operation.

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Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Weight (lbs/g)Cooler Thickness (mm)Busbar Thickness (mm)DescriptionPackage TypePart DatasheetCompare
XW076NC16A0.418 Kg1647mm WC CuWCL2 
XW076NC16B0.612 Kg166.447mm WC Cu with Busbar (10mm Hose)WCL1 
XW076NC16BS0.612 Kg166.447mm WC Cu with Busbar + spirol pins fitted (10mm Hose)WCL1 
XW076NC16BT0.612 Kg166.447mm WC Cu with Busbar + thermostat hole (10mm Hose)WCL1 
XW076NC16C0.612 Kg166.447mm WC Cu with Busbar (1/2 Hose)WCL1 
XW076NC16CT0.612 Kg166.447mm WC Cu with Busbar + thermostat hole (1/2 Hose)WCL1 
XW076NC16R0.581 Kg166.3547mm WC Cu reversed with BusbarWCL12 
XW076NC16W0.4 Kg1647mm WC Cu reversedWCL13 
XW116ZC20A1.3 Kg2073mm WC CuWCL4 
XW116ZC20B1.75 Kg201073mm WC Cu with BusbarWCL3 
XW116ZC20C2.12 Kg201073mm WC Cu with alt. BusbarWCL5 
XW116ZC20R1.672 Kg201073mm WC Cu reversed with BusbarWCL14 
XW116ZC20W1.119 Kg2073mm WC Cu reversedWCL15 
XW127EA25A0.5 Kg2585mm WC Al HelixWCL16Part
XW127EA25B0.65 Kg25885mm WC Al with Busbar HelixWCL17Part
XW127EC25A1.65 Kg2585mm WC Cu HelixWCL16 
XW127EC25B2.2 Kg25885mm WC Cu with Busbar HelixWCL17 
XW160FC25A3.62 Kg25100mm WC CuWCL6 
XW160FC25B4.52 Kg2510100mm WC Cu with BusbarWCL7 
XW180BA34E1.55 Kg34132mm WC Al HelixWCL19 
XW180BA34F1.85 Kg3410132mm WC Al with Busbar HelixWCL20 
XW180GA34A1.5 Kg34125mm WC Al HelixWCL11Part
XW180GA34B1.8 Kg3410125mm WC Al with Busbar HelixWCL10Part
XW180GC34A4.92 Kg34125mm WC Cu HelixWCL11Part
XW180GC34B5.95 Kg3410125mm WC Cu with Busbar HelixWCL10Part
XW270QA25A2.941 Kg25270 x 190mm WC Al Cold PlateWCL9 
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