PGR-8800-00 - PGR-8800 Series

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The PGR-8800 is a microprocessor-based relay that limits arc-fault damage by detecting the light from an arc flash and rapidly tripping. Phase-current-transformer inputs are provided for current-constrained arc-flash protection and, when so equipped, a programmable definite-time overcurrent function can be enabled. An optical sensor on the PGR-8800 and adjustable trip level reduce the chance of nuisance tripping by setting a threshold for ambient light. Sensors, inputs, and connections are monitored to ensure fail-safe operation. A secondary solid-state trip circuit provides a redundant trip path. A USB port is used for configuration and access to event logs and graphs.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Approvals UL cULus CE C-tick
Relay Contacts Three Form C (N.O./N.C.); One Form A (N.O.)
Supply Voltage (VAC) 120/240
Supply Voltage (VDC) 12-48/120/240
IEEE Device Numbers 50
Relay Contact Operating Mode Fail-safe
Non Fail-safe
Dimensions 5.2H X 7.9W X 2.2D

pdf icon PGR-8800 Datasheet

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The PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay is a high-speed, arc-detection device for electrical power distribution systems.

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Document PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications

PGR-8800 SKM Device Library Update

Update your SKM software to list the validated PGR-8800 when calculating your incident energy. Using this will save time by automatically determining your systems trip times, arc flash boundaries and required PPE. Please visit for instructions on how to install the SKM file.

PGR-8800 STP 3D Model

pdf icon Key Considerations for Selecting an Arc-Flash Relay

This white paper informs specifying engineers, original equipment manufacturers, designers, and end users about the most important features in arc-flash relay technology so that they can select the best relay for their application.