Product Development Process

Week 1: Initial Meeting & Concept Sketch (1) We start with a kickoff meeting to help us understand your objectives. We brainstorm together with your team and consider alternatives, which could meet your specification. At this point we usually create an initial concept sketch to assure we are aligned on the requirements.

Week 2: CAD Drawing (2) Once adjustments to the concept sketch have been resolved, CAD drawings not only formalize product description, but information can be transferred between systems and discrete assembly analysis can be made. Often, this is available one week after kick off.

Week 4: 3D Solid Prototype (3) Our next step is to provide a 3D solid state product prototype. Our in-house equipment can produce models using engineering grade resins within days of the CAD approval.

Week 7: Production Prototype (4) Finally, we will provide you with a production prototype and you can have the final product in your hands in 6-8 weeks from initiation.

Week 10+: Final Product (4) When required agency approvals are obtained, first parts off of the tool are provided.