Extra Fast - Capsule Type Series - Extra Fast Recovery Diodes (EFRD)

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Littelfuse products are not designed for, and shall not be used for, any purpose (including, without limitation, automotive, military, aerospace, medical, life-saving, life-sustaining or nuclear facility applications, devices intended for surgical implant into the body, or any other application in which the failure or lack of desired operation of the product may result in personal injury, death, or property damage) other than those expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse product documentation. Warranties granted by Littelfuse shall be deemed void for products used for any purpose not expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. Littelfuse shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of products used in applications not expressly intended by Littelfuse as set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. The sale and use of Littelfuse products is subject to Littelfuse Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless otherwise agreed by Littelfuse. "Littelfuse" includes Littelfuse, Inc., and all of its affiliate entities.

These products are designed to offer the lowest practical values of reverse recovery current whilst offering wide safe operating area and high di/dt capability required by modern switching components.

For additional technical details, please contact support.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #TJ Max (°C)Package TypeVRRM [Diode] (V)IFAV @ Tk=55 ℃ (A)IFSM 10ms Half Sine Wave (A)I2t [Diode] (A2s)IRM (A)trr,typ (µs)Qrr (µC)V0 (V)rS (mOhm)RthJK 180° Sine Wave (K/W)Part DatasheetCompare
F0240YC250150W22500240310048.1 x 10³4021002.2712.8530.1Part
F0240YC300150W23000240310048.1 x 10³4021002.2712.8530.1Part
F0240YH250150W32500240310048.1 x 10³4021002.2712.8530.1Part
F0240YH300150W33000240310048.1 x 10³4021002.2712.8530.1Part
F0300WC140125W11400240270036.5 x 10³5303701.762.210.095 
F0300WC180125W11800240270036.5 x 10³5303701.762.210.095Part
F0800LC140125W414007757630291 x 10³3801.12001.4940.6920.032 
F0800LC180125W418007757630291 x 10³3801.12001.4940.6920.032Part
F0900VC450115W6450081610450546 x 10³1203.82302.0241.2740.016Part
F0900VC520115W6520081610450546 x 10³1203.82302.0241.2740.016Part
F0900VF450115W43450081610450546 x 10³1203.82302.0241.2740.016Part
F0900VF520115W43520081610450546 x 10³1203.82302.0241.2740.016Part
F1000LC080125W48008268500361 x 10³3201.62501.530.5470.032 
F1000LC120125W412008268500361 x 10³3201.62501.530.5470.032Part
F1300NC45P140W545001346208002.16 x 10⁶4704.321501.5690.3180.024Part
F1300NC50P140W550001346208002.16 x 10⁶4704.321501.5690.3180.024Part
F1300NC55P140W555001346208002.16 x 10⁶4704.321501.5690.3180.024Part
F1400NC140125W514001093172501.49 x 10⁶8001.510001.6180.3880.024 
F1400NC180125W518001093172501.49 x 10⁶8001.510001.6180.3880.024Part
F1500NC200125W52000105413750950 x 10³10651.515001.3720.5350.024 
F1500NC250125W52500105413750950 x 10³10651.515001.3720.5350.024Part
F1600NC080125W58001326200002.0 x 10⁶4802.37001.320.2680.024 
F1600NC120125W512001326200002.0 x 10⁶4802.37001.320.2680.024Part
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