Multifunction SSRs and Optocouplers Series - Combinations of optically isolated solid state relays and optocouplers

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Optically Isolated Multifunction Products

The OptoMOS® line of multifunction products combine one or two optical isolated solid-state relays (SSR) and an optocoupler in a single package.

These multifunction devices allow designers to consolidate circuit functions into a single device, freeing up valuable board space and reducing component count.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multiple functionality in a single package
  • Various configurations and packages available
  • Provides galvanic input to output isolation

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #SSR Blocking Voltage (VP)SSR Load Current (mA)SSR On-Resistance (Ω)SSR Input Control Current (mA)Optocoupler Breakdown Voltage (V)Optocoupler Current Transfer Ratio (%)Optocoupler Saturation Voltage (V)Optocoupler Input Control Current (mA)Isolation Voltage (VRMS)CommentPackage TypePart DatasheetPartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
IAA110P35010035520330.563750Two 1-Form-A relays, one optocoupler16-pin SOICPartIAA110PCheckOrder
IAB110P35010035520330.563750One 1-Form-A relay, one 1-Form-B relay, one optocoupler16-pin SOICPartIAB110P
IAD110P35010035520330.563750One 1-Form-A relay, two optocouplers16-pin SOICPartIAD110P
IBB110P35010035220330.563750Two 1-Form-B relays, one optocoupler16-pin SOICPartIBB110P
TS11735012035220330.563750One 1-Form-A relay, one optocoupler8-pin: DIP, SMT, FlatpackPartTS117CheckOrder
TS117L35012035220330.563750One current-limiting 1-Form-A relay, one optocoupler8-pin: DIP, SMT, FlatpackPartTS117LCheckOrder
TS11835012035520330.563750One 1-Form-B relay, one optocoupler8-pin: DIP, SMT, FlatpackPartTS118
TS120350120355203000.823750One 1-Form-A relay, one Darlington optocoupler8-pin: DIP, SMT, FlatpackPartTS120
TS19040015022520330.563750One 1-Form-A relay, one optocoupler8-pin: DIP, SMT, FlatpackPartTS190Order
TS190L40015025520330.563750One current-limiting 1-Form-A relay, one optocoupler8-pin FlatpackPartTS190L
XS17035010050220330.563750One 1-Form-A relay, one optocoupler8-pin: DIP, SMTPartXS170Order
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